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Linemann has developed a range of conveyor belt cleaners designed to prevent the build up of even the most abrasive materials, ensuring their uninterrupted movement, maximising efficiency and maintaining production.

The various scrapers and belt cleaning brushes are all interchangeable, literally clipping on to a common axle, enabling the system to be adapted to suit every application and designer preference.

Belt Cleaning Brush

Electric powered with integral motorised drum fits into confined area maintenance free drive.
Pneumatic powered with external gear box gives variable speed control. All brushes are based on polyurethane throngs of 100mm long. Spaced on 12 sets per drum, giving constant contact with cleaning surface.
Special applications quoted on request. 


Ideal for wider belts spliced or vulcanised for speeds in excess of 2 metres per second. Bulk handle for fast arduous applications such as coal, ores, quarries and chemicals. Including wet and corrosive operations.

Blade part no BV 70 short
Blade part no BV 71 Long

Front Scraper Type CLIP

Front scrapers for the pre-cleaning of heavily soiled belts and for the direct discharge of material into transfer chutes.
The flexible main body is simply clipped directly onto the fixed groove axle and is easily removed for replacement or adjustment. Suitable for vulcanised belting.
Blade part no B V 32

Available in food quality

Blade part no B V 33

For clip jointed belts refer to part no VV 28 to 34 

Main Scraper Type DIRTEX

Low cost spring arm polyurethane scraper for belts with mechanical splicing.
With its integral spring the arm clamps onto the grooved axle.Blade part no B V 25 short
Blade part no BV 26 long

Available in food quality

Blade part no BV 72 short
Blade part no BV 73 long

Main Scraper Type DIRTEX S.S.

Stainless tipped blades designed for fast moving heavy soiled belts, principally used in the mining and power generation industries. Only on vulcanised belts.
Ideal on fertilizers, foundries, sand, gravel, cement, limestone, chalk and other aggregates.Applications on abrasive materials and scurries. 
Blade part no BV 75 short
Blade part no BV 76 long

Plough Scraper

A continuous polyurethane strip for high performance installations. Material dropped from the upper belt are directed to the sides before the belt reaches the reverse drum.
The scraper is on a suspended mounting and held against the belt by rubber torsion arms that enable it to adjust to the conveyor contour.
Safety cables ensure that the scraper is held off the belt when the rubber strip is worn. 

Spring Blade Reversible Scraper Type CLIP

Spring blade scraper for all reversible belts, for use where space is limited and for extremely adhesive material.
With its rubber insert and angle spring the blade adjusts itself automatically to changes in belt direction.
Easily installed and removed from the groove axle, optimum performance of the blades can be increased with a vertical tensioning device. 

Mounting Options

Option 1 – Circle hole tensioning device
Tensioning is achieved by rotating the cast circle hole element using the spanner supplied. 361 increments are provided. Secure with angle bolts or screwing. Belt widths over 1200mm are operated from both sides.

Option 2 – Pneumatic torsion tensioning assembly
Pneumatic tensioning devices are used for simple spring elastic readjustment they dampen the impact caused by damaged belts and or splicing.

Belt widths over 1200mm are operated at both sides.
Part no. AV 342