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The Dustex water dispersion system has been developed to provide a cheap and effective weapon against dust laden air, helping maintain a clean and safe working atmosphere.

DUSTEX® – for a dust free environment

At many installations it is often necessary to stop or limit production, even encapsulate certain areas, to enable air cleaning to be carried out – otherwise it is dangerous for the employees, or aggressive to the environment and surrounding areas. The criteria of permitted values of dust are getting more and more severe. A right for clean air is developing.

With all these factors in mind, the DUSTEX® system has been developed to supply a cheap and effective weapon against dust laden air.

Plant without Dustex

Advantages of DUSTEX®

Stunningly high effectiveness, often also in ‘unsolvable’ problem cases
Low consumption of water and compressed air
The addition of only 1 litre per ton material
Little mounting expenses
Robust, universal and easy to maintain system parts
Anti-freezing device against disturbances in low temperature operation
Self cleaning of the nozzles by ultra sonic effect

Plant with Dustex

DUSTEX® Water Dispersion Systems

These systems work with two material nozzles at low pressures with the media water and compress air.

Water is split up in micro-fine drops (10 – 50 µm) by air pressure in an ultrasonic field. Thus, a maximum drop quantity and drop surface is gained out of the sprayed water.

They are particularly suitable when:

  • very low emission values have to be observed
  • the water consumption should remain low
  • the humidity addition is not allowed to exceed the thousands limit
  • the product is thermally treated later on

DUSTEX® Dispersion Nozzle

DUSTEX® Water Spraying Systems

These systems work with one material nozzles, only with the medium water.

They produce fine up to micro-fine drops with pressure of 4-10 bar.

They are particularly suitable when:

  • low emission values have to be realised
  • a slightly higher water consumption is not a problem
  • a higher humidity in the product is not a problem, or is even requested in some circumstances
  • a plant cannot or can hardly be encapsulated
  • the product has to be loaded and unloaded several times

DUSTEX® Water Nozzle

Materials and Fields of Application

The following materials are particularly well suited for the DUSTEX treatment: coal, coal dust, ore, waste moulding sand, gravel, sand, lime and crushed stone, fly ash, chemical products, alum earth, fertilizer, agricultural products, domestic waste.

Fields of application:

Installations for material treatment by crushers, sieves, blenders, classifiers and conveyor belt transfers
Installations for feeding material: filling of stock piles and tip bunkers, ship loading by telescope chutes, vehicle loading from silos
Silos, stock houses, material depots, workshops, where dust has to be quickly removed for inspection or other operations
Installations for removal of material by drilling, milling and sand blasting
Danger of combustion/fire, dust explosion zones, removal of the critical conditions for the starting and spreading of fires and explosions
Chemical and biological processes, atomizing of aerosols for gas cleaning and gas reaction or for removal of odours